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Mushroom Montoya circumnavigated the globe aboard the USS Trippe DE1075 after killing soldiers, woman and children in Viet Nam. Now, as a shaman, he heals the planet one person at a time. Mushroom Montoya has an active shamanic healing practice in Long Beach, California and he teaches at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Cal State Univ. Long Beach.

Friday, March 16, 2018


     During our tour of duty in Viet Nam, we pulled into Subic Bay, Philippines for some R&R. I spent a night a Grande Island, in the middle of Subic Bay. It reminded me of camping, when I was a boy, as we told stories long into the night while sitting outside watching storm clouds collide and generate lightning and thunder on the other side of the bay. I told my shipmates about the award I received when I went camping with the Boys Club:

    Excited anticipation coursed through our 12-year-old bodies as the Boys Club bus climbed the San Bernadino Mountain, on our way to Camp Hihill. We would get to spend a whole week in the mountains, away from school teachers and parents. The only adults were the camp counselors
     We spent the first evening around the swimming pool watching the bats catch flying bugs. The camp counselors had strung a white sheet onto a line that hung over the pool. They shined a light on it that brought the bugs for the bats to feast on. We all watched in amazement. 
     We spent the days hiking and exploring. The darkness of the nights created the backdrop for the stories we listened to while sitting around a campfire eating gooey and hot marshmellows. On the last day, the counselors passed out awards. I received the one for being the Smilingest Kid in camp.

     When I listed that award on my resume, my spouse told me it was not appropriate. I put in anyway.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

My Parents Worried and Prayed

I know my parents worried and prayed that I would not come home in a body bag when the USS Trippe sailed along the coast of Viet Nam in 1972. They listened to the news every day and prayed that I would come home safe. 

After I returned home from my first tour of duty along the Vietnamese coast, my mother confessed that she hadn't read my letters. "I would hear the mail slot open," she said. "and when I saw your purple letter fall through, I would cry. I knew you were still alive, but I couldn't bear to read your accounts of the war. They only made me worry more."

Many years later, I worried for our sons when they were in their late teens and early twenties. I worried about them going to war. I feared, not only for their lives, I also feared for their sanity and their souls. 

I cried for our first son when his unit received orders for Desert Storm. His unit's helicopters crashed in training and his unit was disbanded. He was the only one in his unit not to go. I was grateful.

Little did I know that he would die while on a training weekend at the reserve center. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jane Fonda in Viet Nam: Facts not myth

The truth may set you free, but a fabricated myth could condemn you forever.
As truth becomes available, it is our duty to reveal it and to dispel fabricated myth, especially when the myth "protects" the real traitors.

Although Fonda’s actions in visiting North Vietnam were sufficient to earn her the wrath of many Americans, in the years since those events took place they have been embellished to the point that the one tale most commonly associated with her Vietnam trip is an incident that never took place — a tale about U.S. POWs who furtively slipped messages to Fonda while she was meeting with them and whom Fonda promptly betrayed by turning those messages over to the POWs’ North Vietnamese captors (resulting in several of those prisoners’ being beaten, tortured, or killed):
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The Real traitor, was Nixon. Nixon and his cronies sabotaged the Paris Peace talks to extend the war so that Nixon would win the election. This was far worse than Watergate. Many more US military died and were wounded because Nixon's cronies threw a "monkey wrench" into  the Paris Peace talks. Nixon was afraid that if Peace came to Viet Nam that Humphrey would win the election.
The American people have been duped into believing that Jane Fonda was the traitor who caused American deaths, when it was Nixon who caused the added years of suffering and death to American military personnel.Jane Fonda was used as a convenient distraction away from the real traitors.
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